Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ben && SALE!

I want you to meet Ben (boyfriend named him.haha).He is my car that drives me everywhere but Ben needs tires and an oil change. ]:
With me being out of a job and having no luck finding one at the moment, I'm relying on etsy to give me some money to save up. I've been making new items like crazy and posting every day almost. (: I'm now offering a BOGO sale. Buy any 2 items and get 1 FREE! Best of all,there is FLAT RATE SHIPPING!! That means you only pay shipping on ONE item!!! I'm really excited to get my business up and running. (: Any help at all is very much appreciated.Even promoting me and my shop helps me a TON! && who knows,you might even get an email giving you a code for 50% off if you help get me a sale! (Okay,i lied. you will infact get that code if I get a sale.)

How do you get 50% off?

Simple really.Just some how promote me either on your twitter,etsy,chats,etc. && Get someone to buy something -OR-Buy an item for yourself! (you know you deserve it.) If you get someone else to buy an item from my store, make sure they tell me that you sent them! Its really that simple!!! (: Now all you do at this point is wait for that little code i will email directly to you!

Now,get out there and earn your 50% off!!!!!

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