Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Goals (:

Hello all.So as you know today is the first day of August.Everyone on Etsy is gearing up for the Holidays. I have so many ideas on new jewelry pieces and goals and such I hope I meet by the end of August.You should see my design book.It is FULL of sketches of new jewelry as well as my goals. It is like my little Etsy handbook! (:

So what are these goals for August?

1.To have at least 10 sales.
-i will be promoting a BUNCH. new shipping prices may help!

2.To gain over 30 followers on both blog and Facebook page.
-So tell your friends and family to check us out!

3.To get to 30+ items before the end of the month.
-That means LOTS of new ideas and maybe some holiday jewelry & discounts!

4.To organize Forever Yours Jewelry and my work space.
-work space is a mess!!

You can help Forever Yours Jewelry out by posting links,telling everyone you know! I frequently give out free gifts to all of my customers as well as coupons for future visits and NEVER expire!!!

Thats right! All purchases made in August will receive a 15% off coupon for their next order and since shipping is not flat rate and there is no extra shipping cost for every additional item,your bill should be lower!!!

You can find Forever Yours Jewelry here:
-make sure you tell all of your friends!




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