Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ovaries are overrated.

'ello cupcakes. So this is more of a me just talking blog entry.I haven't been feeling too well at all.Been worried,losing sleep,running myself to death and just not being able to stop. I started having pains in my ovaries last week.It was very sudden.At first it hurt a lot but now it has gone down to a minor ache.

My Aunt recently had everything taken out after having re-occuring cysts.I went to the doctors and was sent early this morning to the hospital for an ultrasound of my kidneys and ovaries. It is upsetting to lay down and watch yourself on the screen and not be able to be told anything by the person doing the ultrasound. She said I'd have to wait for my doctor to go over the results.

When I went to the doctors before the ultrasound,she pressed on my ovaries and I about cried.The pain hurt so bad.Not a very sharp pain but more like a squeezing feeling.A few days have passed and it has become only my left side.I'm just awful.Bloated,achey and exhausted.

What sucks even more is I can feel a small lump in my left side near where my ovaries are.I can't stand it.I can't put my left leg near my stomach without it hurting.The right leg on the other hand is fine.

I'm praying it isn't cancer and just a small cyst that can be taken care of with medicine.I shall keep you all updated on the status and update as soon as I find out more. Please pray for me. I want to one day have children but because this kind of runs in my family, it is a little scary to think about.

-I just wanted to let you all know why I havent been doing anything with the shop the past week or two.I barely released the Fall line but forced myself and pushed through exhaustion so ANY feedback is greatly appreciated!!


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