Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello all. (: So on my trip to Michael's arts and crafts for more goodies,I met a older woman who worked there. She was probably the sweetest employee there that I've met. She showed me all of the clearance items that she was putting up and we started talking.She told me that the anniversary of her husbands death was in two weeks.He had life insurance but it only covered accidental death. ( He died of a heart attack 2 hours after they arrived home from celebrating their anniversary.) She now works 3 jobs to support herself and pay bills. Of course after hearing this story,I told her I had a business online selling jewelry.

Thats when I got the idea to make her a necklace with some encouraging words. The lord was really watching over her after her husbands death.She was given over $1,350 by an unknown person.I found a cute "faith" pendant as well as a blue crystal pendant and yet another cute word pendant that reads "strength." I believe that any person who can go through that much and who works as hard as she does deserves at least a necklace.

So my plan? I have put together a cute necklace I think she will love to signify all of the things she has been through.To never stop having faith and to let her know how strong she is to have gone through that and work three jobs to support herself. I plan on giving her this on Sunday. ( As she told me she works at the Walmart near me that day.) I'll get back to you all and tell you her reaction. (:

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