Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's nice to meet you.

Hello lovelies! (: I have been busy at work making new items and posting like crazy on my twitter and new blog. I also sell on Etsy for those of you that have etsy. You can find all of my links on my main blog.

I just had my first sale there and was featured in a blog! I'm so excited to see what the future holds.

I do wanna give you a little bio of me.I feel its better when you get to know the people you're buying from.What their interests are and what moves them to create so here we go:
Hello! I am Brooke (: I am almost twenty years old and have been crafting since I was five.I've always been interested in anything art.It is a big part of my life.I can be found with a couple of pens and a notebook for whenever I get an idea for a new piece of jewelry. I know its not the best idea when you're driving down a street while drawing up an idea for a new necklace,but it sometimes just happens to me that way. (:

I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature. Flowers,birds,the trees and whatever else is eye catching.I try to create things I would wear.I go for the every day whimsical look with a little bit of vintage and indie mixed in.

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