Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A treat for my first customer. EDIT

i have had my first customer! (: Thank you all for looking at my jewelry! This has been a wonderful day inside. :] I got to meet so many amazing people and start this new My hubby goes back to work tomorrow so its another full day of jewelry making,cleaning and whatever else comes to my mind.

I'm also taking CUSTOM orders. (: You can contact me about them at:

I'd love to hear you're feedback. check out my store!


Hola! As you know,I just started etsy.I have decided to give my first customer a little something special. (: My first customer will receive a FREE Lacey necklace. (Its the black lace bow) as well as FREE shipping on their entire order. I do ship internationally so I believe this is a very good deal. (:

Its just a little thank you from me to you for supporting me. I look forward to talking to all of you! (: Please,leave any feedback you would like in a comment. I do read all of my messages and reply to each one as well.

Thank you for everything guys.

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